Adequate information about neuroscience should be available to the public

Health experts said that there is a need for a health information system that provides adequate information about neuroscience at the national level.

Dr. Henok Zewdu, a health expert, said that people are being seriously harmed due to insufficient information about neurological disorders being provided by the media, medical institutions and the Ministry of Health.

Many Ethiopians who don’t get enough information about neuroscience in their native language have a growing risk of stroke, nerve diseases related to the head and other problems, the medical expert said.

Explaining that citizens who get information about neurological disorders can prevent various diseases early, Dr. Henok pointed out that when they see symptoms of disease, they go to medical centers and consult experts.

However, many people do not have the information about it, so they go to traditional medicine, or they get hurt without going to the medical center because of the misconception that it is a problem that will go away with time.

Dr. Ayal Kabane, who studies neuroscience, explained that many people can be saved from death by making the health information system supported by technology.

It is necessary to widen the possibility of reducing the problem by providing enough information about neuroscience and research results to the public in health centers in rural and urban areas of Ethiopia, he added.

Getnet Tesfamariam