Stroke – A disease that many people should know about

A stroke is a blood clot in the brain that can lead to death. Brain cells need a constant supply of oxygen through the bloodstream to function properly; By disrupting this process, the disease that leads to death is a stroke,” said Dr. Ketemaw Asefa, a general practitioner at Deber Berhan Referral Hospital.

Several studies have confirmed that stroke is spreading rapidly in Ethiopia. According to Dr. Ketemaw, it is now the second most deadly disease and the disease occurs widely in citizens over 35 years old.

As explained by Dr. Narrowing of the tiny blood vessels in the brain can cause a stroke. Blockage of a single blood vessel causes damage to a small part of the brain. It causes the tissue in the area to die. The brain receives blood through four blood vessels.

If these blood vessels are narrowed due to accumulation of fat, cholesterol, the unnecessary material in them is dispersed. It can flow with the blood and cut off the blood supply to the brain he added.

In some cases, blood clots can also occur in the heart. He said the clot can travel to blood vessels in the brain and cause a stroke.

When people suffer from a stroke, the problem is not only for themselves, but also for their caregivers and families. Therefore, he advised that the disease should be prevented by avoiding the risk factors and following a healthy diet.

Getnet Tesfamariam