The African Genius Award (AGA) on the way

Dr. Sifiso Falala, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sovereign Africa Ratings, He has put his money and sweat in establishing The African Genius Award (AGA), whose purpose is to expose Africa’s talent and excellence to both Africans and the world.

He wants Africans to feel proud of their country, themselves, and their abilities, and to begin supporting local and intercontinental talent and efforts. He also aims to give foreign investors a faithful view of the continent, its citizens, and its economic potential. 

Dr. Falala is convinced that making Africa’s excellence known will help bring social and economic growth, cohesion, and stability to the continent. His role as CEO of Sovereign Africa Ratings fuels his understanding of the close ties between the efforts of African talent and businesses and the continent’s credit rating.

To assist Dr. Falala and others who have started on this journey, and to keep Africa from the doghouse, anyone is asked to push and steer Africa by nominating individuals among you who are working to make the country and continent great again.

Nominations are open year-round on the African Genius Awards website or the website.